Playing Mistress – Week Long Wait Spanking Game

At 8:00 last night (Tuesday) I went to the room in the basement.  I had been instructed to arrive wearing nothing but a black T shirt and to knock before entering.  When called for me to come in I opened the door to find the room to be filled with a glow from some red colored light bulbs mixed with about half a dozen flickering candles.

As I stepped into the space I heard “close the door behind you and come over here and greet your Mistress”
She was waiting for me in the shadows in the right corner of the room seated in the over stuffed chair.   Immediately I noticed her attire and she stood as I approached.   I drank in her beauty, she a very attractive woman and her outfit that consisted of an all black ensemble that consisted of a bustier, thong panties, thigh high stockings and strappy high heels.  It wasn’t an outfit right out of a Femdom scene, and the bsic look was more sexy than top but she made it clear that until told other wise she was to be addressed as mistress.  While we’d played with a variety of roles over the years this was a new twist.

She had me fetch her a drink from behind the bar and hold it when she wasn’t sipping it.  After a few minutes of that she took me by the penis and led me to the center of the room, had me kneel face down and bottom up and circled me slowly smacking my raised bottom each time she passed it.  I think someone was enjoying her role quite a bit as this part dragged out.

After being told to stand and get her drink we resumed how we had started by she had me stand sideways “to admire her handy work”.  Occasionally giving my backside a light smack or two.  When she thought it was time I was led to the bar and bent over a stool where she would proceed to whip my butt and upper thighs with great enthusiasm using a short stiff leather strap that was maybe 2 inches wide and 10 inches long.  Unlike the previous nights play time these were not slow well spaced licks but quick hard strokes that built the burn and sting quickly and kept adding to it.  By the time she stopped I has broken position a few times and had a well punished backside.  She left me in place for several minutes after she stopped, normally such intense play would have led to intense delight shortly afterward.

The torture wasn’t over but had just begun.  She stepped in front of me and had me kiss her breasts, and suck on her nipples.  She stood me up and ever so lightly stroked my erection and warned me to not get to excited and cum.  She’d stop for a few minutes, and then start again. Eventually she guided my hands onto her body to help her achieve a release for herself as she arched against the bar.

She had one more cruel twist in mind and to finish out night had me bend over, place my hands on my knees, and proceeded to resume the slow heavy measured hand spanks from the previous nights and would from time to time grab my genitals while doing so to keep me from moving.  By the time she finished I was about to burst.  The next 3 days look to be long ones.

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