Getting it in the Mirror – Week Long Wait Spanking Game

Monday Night

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At 8:30 last night (Monday) I made my way in to the master bathroom to find Ma’am lounging in the bath.  I was instructed to wait for her and sometime later she had finished I was asked to help dry her off and apply lotion to her body.  After which she dressed herself in a short satin night gown and asked me to help her brush out her hair.   Typically this would be a form of fore play for us and despite knowing better on this occasion I still found the entire set up very arousing.

Eventually the time came for the real reason I was there to begin.   Ma’am as part of our game this week has me sending her 2 pictures and two videos each day that I find and like.  Turns out that one of the videos put a twist on her original plan.  Originally I was going to be given a otk spanking with her hair brush but the video came with an angle to watch the facial expression of the spankee as she took a hard paddling.

“You’re going to watch yourself get spanked” she informed me. Explaining my fate as she removed my clothes and of course my excitement was already evident when she lowered my pants.  I was positioned kneeling on her make up bench leaning forward with my arms placed on the cool stone counter top and staring directly into the large mirror in front of me.   I suddenly understood what she meant by I was going to watch myself get it. The first spank was landed with her hand, much like the night before she proceeded with slow heavy smacks, well placed as she covered my back side again in a slow deliberate fashion.   I found myself watching her in the mirror, being able to see not just anticipate when the next smack was coming was a first.  My mind drifted into that lovely space where you can just settle in and enjoy it for a time.

My bottom was tingling, the thudding heavy spanks occasionally found a slightly tender spot from last night or the morning.   Along the way she provided commentary on the state of my backside, taunted me that this was just the beginning and I had 4 more days of this before “my reward”, and shared with me how much fun she was having playing our little game. At about the point I thought Ma’am was winding down much like the night before she asked me to hand her the hair brush.  It had been with in reach the entire time but so was all of her other items so I never thought twice about it.   The very first swat with the brush signaled a change in intensity that was maintained through out the rest of the spanking.

She would go on to really lite my backside up.  The mirror added an interesting dynamic, I found her watching my facial expressions, I found myself not wanting to watch what was coming, at times looking directly back at my own face but even then I could still see her in the background applying the next swat.  Occasionally our eyes would meet in the reflection and on one occasion she smiled and then laid an extra hard one on me that made me jump forward a little.  Eventually I just turned my head to the side looking at the wall in order to focus on taking the rest of the spanking.

When it was over my entire butt was very red and my sit spot had gotten extra attention from her.  We went about the rest of the evening like nothing happened.   My only instructions were that I was to be ready for work by 6:30 this morning (Tuesday) and to meet her at the breakfast table to “start my day”.

Tuesday Morning  

I was ready at 6:30 just like I was told (even thought it was my late day at work).   We had coffee, talked about our little game so far and then I was given a “reminder spanking” over my boxers with my pants lowered, bent over with my hands placed on my knees which consisted on 10 hand swats to each side of my bottom right there in our breakfast nook.  All of them seemed to land on my still tender sit spot and like the morning before were strictly business. 

I was told to include the video that inspired last night’s spanking in today’s update post (see below it is M/F) along with providing her with the required new photos and videos I am to post a picture of my choice of spanked bottom to tumblr inviting people to follow our little game.  My next appointment with her is tonight at 8:00pm tonight in the party room in the basement.

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