Sunday Night Spanking – The Week Long Wait Spanking Game

This is the account of the first spanking I got as part of our little game.

Sunday night is usually but not always a time where we connect as a couple one last time before going on to our busy weeks.   The typical Sunday night is a lazy affair with a few glasses of wine, some nice conversation, maybe she sports something sexy for our time together and comes to a conclusion with lovely wonderful good old fashioned love making.  Nothing wild, nothing edgy, and not a play night for us.  It is wonderful in its own right.   Last night there was a slight twist.

At about the time we typically begin to settle in and wind down I was told about her idea (get the details here).  “Are you in the mood for something different tonight?”  she asked as I lounged next to her.   A few minutes later I was naked and over her lap at the end of the bed.   She traced my backside as she told me I was in for a long hand spanking.

The first swat was slow, almost lazy, the second followed suit. As she paused to tell me what she planned to do to my backside all week long.  A few more smacks with her hand, slow, solid and somehow heavy. then some more banter from her about how she wanted me to to “REALLY want her her” at the end of our game.   All of which of course was turning me then and there.   Losing track of time she continued on, sometimes silent between smacks, others offering commentary on my reddening butt, her plans for it, and what she had in store for me in the coming days.   A swat, and a squeeze, she toyed with me with her hand open, fingers spread and not spread, and hand clenched as she worked every inch of my backside over slowly and methodically.  It was fun, erotic, and magical.  She took her time and by the end I had glowing red cheeks, was very aroused, and would have agreed to just about anything.  Which is when she led me to the office in my state of undress to write down her rules for our little game while I was seated on a wooden chair.  It wasn’t that I had had been spanked in a way that I wouldn’t be able to sit, it was more mental as I felt the cold hard wood on my warm red backside.   After which I was told to be waiting for her in the morning at 6:45 in the family room for my next spanking.  I fell asleep and woke up with the delicious thoughts in my head.  One down and 5 more days of fun to go.

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