A New Spanking Game for Us – The Week Long Wait

We just had a wonderful weekend with some spanking play on Friday night and again Saturday afternoon. Followed with some wonderfully hot sex.  Since it was a quiet weekend socially we got to spend a lot of time talking about all sorts of things from the upcoming elections, to the weather and of course a little sex and spanking talk was part of the mix.  For us there is a very close link to erotic pleasure and spanking play. In fact it’s rare that a warmed bottom doesn’t lead to other pleasurable things.     As the weekend went on we watched a few videos, read some spanking and erotic blogs to each other and started talking about both finding more time as well as new ways to play.

Somewhere along the way she decided we should play a little game this week.  It came from a conversation we had while lounging around in bed before getting ready to go out Saturday afternoon but I didn’t know about her decision until Sunday.  The short explanation is that from yesterday morning until Friday night there would be no sex for me.  A week without sex due to schedules is not unheard of since we both have busy lives at times so of course there was twist.  a week filled with spanking and no release will be a first.  She plans to spank me at least once a day and I’m not to masturbate.  I learned of her plan last night right before bed when instead of our usual straight intercourse to end the weekend time her plan was unveiled and I was given a long slow OTK session to start things off.   After which we went to the office and I was told to write down her rules for the week.  Since my handwriting isn’t the best I’ve typed them out here as instructed.

1) I will receive at least one spanking daily until Friday.   When where and how is completely up to her
2) No spanking will be so intense that it would make the next completely unbearable
3) I must post a daily account of the spankings I’ve received no later than the next day
4) She is to be sent links to 2 spanking videos, and 2 spanking stories or blogs of my choice before getting home from work each day.
5) I will post pictures of implements, positions, and my own red bottom where and when as instructed
6) My weekly Wednesday Whacks post will be done in addition to the others
7) I am not allowed to have an orgasm until Friday night
8) Rule number 7 does not apply to her

It sounds simple and fun at the same time, definitely a new dimension for us and the longest game we’ve ever played. Already I have electronic calendar invitations from her for 4 more spankings this week.  All f which name not only the time but also the place, what implements I’m to bring, and how I am to be dressed.  Talk about a fun (or perhaps dreaded) reminder of what’s to come. Seems like someone has put a lot of thought into our little game.

I’ll post later today the account of last night’s session per her instructions.  We’ve never tried orgasm denial before and it’s on the honor system (neither of us has an interest in doing the cage thing at this point.) but the thought is by Friday night we should be ready to burst and it should lead to some very hot non spanking activities that night. Time will tell but the woman already has my motor running pretty fast.


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