Wednesday Whacks – A pictorial dedicated to F/M Spanking

Rather than bore you with mostly words I’ve decided to share my favorite F/M spanking picks I’ve come across in the past week.

By the looks of it he’s already taken a bit of a spanking but is being sent upstairs to finish getting his butt thoroughly paddled. 

Nothing like an unexpected spanking taking place and the kitchen seems to to see more than its fair share of bright red butts.

 Impact shots are always interesting to me but this one caught my eye because it was a wooden paddle seemingly made to cover most of his cheek with each swat.

 Just a good old fashioned OTK spanking but the Tops full bottom and the wooden stool bring back found memories of a few good play sessions.   Now all she needs to do is pull down his boxers and light that backside up properly.

 Stripped and spanked! 

 And my final photo pick for this week.  Bent over an ottoman, a hair brush taken to a bare bottom by a female spanker all is wonderfully familiar to me.  I’ve never been figged like the guy in this pic.  While I’ve been curious about it for a few years now I’ve always been a little shy about bringing up the topic. Not because my request might not be obliged but because it might give her something new to do to me that I may not enjoy.

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