Woman in stockings and lingerie holding a large wooden paddle

Wednesday Whacks – Paddles With Holes

You can’t be around spankos for very long before the topic of implements comes up.  The wooden paddle fans (which includes me) always seem to start debating paddle sizes and types.   Inevitably paddles with holes and their effect on the spanking being delivered is always a hot topic, at least for us.  

In my world a paddle with holes has a long history for both me and my wife.   Paddles with holes are part of our more intense play sessions and long before I tried bottoming I topped her for years.  A few years into our relationship we happened into a one of long since lost single owner, eclectic adult stores.   As we wondered into a side room there was some latex and lace, a little bit of leather and then there on the wall was a large wooden paddled maybe 4 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch thick with a series of large holes in it.   It no doubt caught her eye, I could see her looking at it over an over again as we moved through the shop.  Eventually she whispered “they had one just like that where I went to school”.   When we got in the car later she confided that she had almost “got it” once at school from the principle with that paddle.  So of course a few weeks later I went back to buy it.  That model was gone but there was a smaller one; 3 inches wide and half inch thick with a single series of large holes in a line dead center down the middle of the board.   Not long after we role played and she finally got it with a paddle with holes. It was fun and a more elaborate scene for us at the time.  I remember how we played it to be a school style paddling (bent over, over her jeans) for the real offense she was let out of the spanking for all those years ago.  How nervous she was or at least pretended to be.

Now that we switch (I still top her a handful of times a year, a sound Birthday spanking and when the mood is right) I’m on the receiving end of it every so often. I’ve still not decided if the effect is more mental than physical from the paddle.  Does she swing harder because there is less wind resistance?  I guess part the fun is trying to figure it out, the majority of the fun though is just getting spanked.

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