Wednesday Whacks – Fetch the Paddle

This pic came from Aunt Please ‘s Tumblr

“Fetch the paddle” depending on when and how it’s said can cause a variety of reactions but something about this photo seemed to capture the essence of the moment for me. 

Depending on the moments leading up to it I may already be well on my way to being aroused or it may be the first strong twinges in my loins.  Still it never fails as I’m told to get the paddle or to go get ready even if I’m dreading what is about to happen (which is pretty rare) that phrase excites me.   The idea of being bared or stripped, positioned, viewed, lectured and of course paddled does something wonderful to me.   That excitement used to be a cause of embarrassment, and erection when you have nothing on your midsection arousal is kind of hard to hide.  Mostly though now it’s just part of the game. it plays into the lecture and the verbal play. 

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