Wednesday Whacks – The Gift Shop Paddle

The intention is to do a paddle themed post every week call Wednesday Whacks.  Here’s what I hope is just the start of a fun ongoing feature.

I’m not sure about you but I’m old enough to remember when gift shops along tourist routes sold paddles.   They always seemed to have some catchy phrase and cheesy spanking related graphic on them. But hung there in plain sight with 2-3 options and occasionally different sizes/ thicknesses.  None of them were monsters but there is no doubt the got sold.

The phrases were things like Attitude Adjuster, Heat for the Seat, Grip Here in case of Frustration, Board of Education and so on.   I think literally they were sold in every beach, country and road side tourist trap we stopped in between Florida and Niagara falls.     Guess it was a time when spanking was more or less just an accepted part of everyday life.

Not surprisingly I remember noticing them from an early age on.  As I got older I’d think about any new or unique phrases or graphics seen along they way on our trips. All of which led thoughts about someone saying “You wait right here and get ready for your punishment.  I’m going to go up the street and get a paddle to tan your butt with”.

A few years back I saw some for sale at a gift shop in the midwest.   Sure they could have been a novelty or just a testament that spanking is still alive and well.   I was tempted to buy one for my own collection and regret not doing so.

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