Becareful what you wish for

Sometimes bright ideas turn out wonderful and other times nothing like you expected.  This is a case of a bit of both.   As I was catching up a number of spanking blogs I came across one that offered a chance to win a marital discipline DVD from Dana Kane.  My bright idea was to show it to my lovely wife and say “hey let’s have some fun and enter.” 

What I hadn’t taken into account was that she would take a few minutes to look through the rest of the site and come up with a few ideas of her own.   A little while later she decided to play along.  A decision I was informed of with a curt but playful “So you think you need a video on domestic discipline?  We’ll see how you feel about that after you’ve been hand spanked on your bare bottom”  A few minutes of anticipation later she headed off to the bed room and then moments after that called for me.

An upside of a listless Saturday afternoon is there is plenty of time for adventures.  The downside is I learned to be careful what I wished for (or maybe not).

Entering the bed room I found her sitting on the corner of the bed. A large bolster pillow covered with a towel next to where she was sitting.   When I had imagined this it was just going to be a fun whimsical OTK, a few quick pictures, and maybe something blatantly pleasurable for both of us afterwards.

“Come here” She said sternly. I approached her my arousal growing. Over my jeans she placed her hand on my crotch, of course which made it all but instantly harder.  “Oh you’re not going to need that.” She said beginning to lecture me on wanting to show my bottom off to others.  If it was marital discipline I wanted then it was going to be a long afternoon that resulted in a well spanked boy she promised.

Concluding her lecture she reached around and swatted me. I was told to strip, and get over the pillow at the end of the bed. Which I did quickly with a great sense of anticipation and excitement.  Playing the role of stern disciplinarian I heard “I’m going to spank your bare ass until that pecker of yours isn’t standing up at all” Oh how I love it when she talks like that. Then I felt the first firm smack from her on my bottom, then the next.  Swat after swat measured and placed covering each cheek from the top of the thighs to well up my backside.   I could feel my butt reddening with each calculated, well placed firm spank.

Time can be a wicked thing as she plodded along, playing the role and soundly spanking every spot on my butt again and again in a mostly leisurely fashion.   About five minutes in it went from a mmmmm this is getting good feeling and savoring the sensations to the beginning of a little actual discomfort. Her application changed and with it the predictability.  I thought about where is the next smack going to land, and when as she played with timing and placement but not intensity just enough to keep me off balance and once again filled with anticipation.  Still she plodded along stopping from time to time to lecture me about my exhibitionist desires, to admire my glowing back side, snap a picture or two and to whisper her wicked intentions into my ear.  Things like “You should see my hand prints all over your naughty little ass”, “I hope you didn’t plan on sitting comfortably for a while”, and “You know what happens to bad boys? The get long, hard, spankings on their bare bottoms”  Each phrase said with a slow, dramatic, delivery, and punctuated with another swat with her hand.   

I could feel the heat, I could feel the sting and the thud with each swat and then she really got down to business.   “Now that I have your attention let’s make sure you understand you’re being given a punishment.”  Her voice somewhere between stern and purring into my ear right before she laid into my already tender backside with a rapid fire fury of smacks that seemed blazingly fast, crisp, and relentless.

Soon after I was a clenching and squirming mess.  When she finished a more few pictures were taken and I was told to stand up. True to her word she’d long since spanked my hard on away.  Being a tease though touched and caressed it as I was informed that maybe next month I could enter the contest but this month the only one who would be admiring her husband’s spanked ass would be her.

Right as she brought me to a full erection “Oh get dressed, I told you we would not be needing that this afternoon.  Freshly spanked husbands who have been naughty don’t get to cum”.

Each morning since she has been sending me a few more pictures from that afternoon.  Which of course just keeps me thinking about how I can’t wait until next time.  We’re looking forward to seeing the entries to the contest even though I won’t be one of them this month, and of course speculating what next month’s theme might be.

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