My Last Good Spanking

My last good spanking was months ago.  Until the other night there hadn’t been any spanking good or otherwise.  As we sat there in bed both too exhausted from the daily grind.  Not really talking, not really doing anything but just existing in the same vicinity for a while.  As I started to drift off she patted me on my butt gently. 

Thinking nothing of it until she did it again a few minutes later. I stirred a little thinking “wicked tease” until a third slightly firmer pat was placed on my back side.   Rolling over she was sitting up with her legs stretched out across the bed.  As I started to curl up closer to simply kiss her something in her touch made me crawl across her lap.  I thought she might stop me but instead seemed to help guide me into position.

She caressed my back and butt before tucking her thumbs into my waist band. I lifted my midsection of of her as she lowered my boxers.  Slowly almost lazily she began smacking my butt, her fingers tracing my cheeks, the top of my legs, my lower back.  it was all so sensual and arousing.   Eventually she built in to a slow soft rhythmic tempo as she spanked me, with no hurry or harshness in the strokes as the sensations built upon themselves.   After what felt like a blissful eternity she moved me off of her lap and stood me next to her.  With one hand on my erection and the other placed and occasionally patting my slightly blushing butt she quickly brought me to orgasm.   As I panted “thank you”  upon finishing she smiled and said “You’re welcome”.  It was one of the most sensual experience I’ve ever had.  Not hard, or intense.  Not necessarily playful or silly but just a little bit of time that seemed to help us reconnect in a much missed way. 

It was the first words we’d spoken in hours.  Hopefully I won’t have to wait for my next spanking of any kind. 

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