You’d Never Guess

Sometimes as I head out after playing and even more so after being punished I have these thoughts.

As you sit there doing whatever it is you’re doing that not an hour ago what I was having done to me.  I suppose I certainly don’t look like the type if there is such a thing.   You’d never know that not long before I had been told to lower my pants or strip naked.   To bend over a chair, a table, a desk, or to place my hands on my knees.  Perhaps i was pulled across a lap with my bare bottom on display going from pale white to fire red as beat my ass.  You’d never guess that a woman had just spanked my backside like a naught child with her hand, hair brush or spoon.  Or perhaps that she paddled me so hard that a grown man is sitting there no so far from you and not so comfortably with a cherry red ass and maybe even a set of dark purple bruises that will take days to begin to fade.  That the very belt that is now around my waist was not 30 minutes ago lighting my butt on fire as she wielded it against my my bared flesh.

You’d never suspect that mere moments before you saw me I was still savoring it all.  My only thought when I pause for a moment to think of something other than what I had been doing previously is what would you say if you knew or were you doing something equally interesting.   But we’ll never know since the fact that I’m passing you on the street with a still stinging ass is my own dark little secret.

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