It’s the entire experience not just the spanking

When I look back at the spankings that are the most enjoyable there seems to be a set of common elements.   Boiling it all down it is nothing more than anticipation, preparation, the actual spanking, and afterwards. A sudden OTK or near instant paddling isn’t bad and sometimes they’re wonderful but none would ever qualify as memorable or my favorites upon recollection.  They served a need one of us had at the time but nothing more.  For me here’s what the best spankings have in common.
Anticipating comes with knowing its coming.  Not guessing, not hoping, and not wondering but knowing the day and even better if I know the time it allows me to savor the experience before it ever happens.  Scheduling to be disciplined on Friday @ 6 or whenever puts a finality on the matter you are in fact gonna get it.   I’m going to have time with my spanker then, I’m their for those moments, it will be all I can think about during the act.   The unknowns leading up to that still help feed the excitement.   Things like which paddle, belt, or strap will be used?   How is she going to position me?   How hard and long will the beating last are always open to speculation.   In a lot of ways part of the fun of anticipation is the mind games we play with ourselves beforehand.
Preparation is really a ritual of sorts. Sure it varies but the constants of lowering or having my pants lowered as some point, closing the blinds, maybe retrieving or even seeing the implement all helps snap things into place for me.  Sure there is a huge difference between an impromptu one or fore play session as part of sex intended sex and a spanking for punishment or pure spanking play.  All of them have their time and place in my world but as I mentioned its the discipline and spanking for spankings sake that I love the most.
As for the actual spanking a good one takes you to the right place, physically and many times emotionally.  There has been much written about both the eroticism and catharsis impact play can provide.  What else can be said.
Afterwards might be a little disheartening after all it’s over but here’s where I relive it all again. Perhaps it was a few lines in the lecture or the lack of one, how you were taken to the edge with a paddle, the knot in your stomach when the excited anticipation turned into nerves as your time approached, re-imagining the sting and thud, the embarrassment of being exposed, the arousal, and wondering if it is ever going to end.
Each experience is different in its own way.  Like so many things nothing works the same way all the time, what was great one time is disappointing another.   What makes it a good spanking for you?

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