William Gets It

So where to  start?  Simply put my name is William, I’m in my 40’s, and I like to get spanked.  For years spanking play has been part of my sexual exploration at first topping but for the better part of the last decade more so on the bottom, though technically I do switch on occasion.   I’d stepped away from playing for a while but have begun again.  My hope is to share some of my new experiences with F/m spankings, relive some past ones both good and bad, and write the occasional fantasy piece.  Who knows a little imagination could lead to great new scenes.  
Here’s a few things (and pictures) to help you get to know me better.
I look like the guy you’d never expect to be into this sort of thing.  Looks of course can be deceiving.   
I’m not a submissive although I’ve bottomed to a variety of female tops so I can enjoy different types of play spanking and a few occasional other S&M experiences.  Being bent over a table or desk is my favorite position and OTK is the one I find not only the most intimate but the most embarrassing.  Until a few weeks ago I’d hadn’t been spanked in over a year (excluding my birthday spanking).  Then it just sort of happened and the switch was flipped.  Realizing I missed the time, the attention, the sexiness, and yes even the pain began working a sore ass back into the routine. 
I was on yahoo’s platform for years so you may know me from there and I’m on fet life and spanking tube as Dark Secret if you’d to add me there.   

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